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Amada HPSAW 310 very high performance bandsaw

The HPSAW310 with zero degree blade twist is the ultimate high performance bandsaw from Amada, achieving cutting rates on a bandsaw more usually found on carbide circular saws.

Amada HPSAW310 high performance bandsaw

Amada HPSAW310 innovative high speed bandsaw machine

The HPSAW310 is Amada’s latest innovation in the highest performance saws.  The HPSAW310 removes one of the most significant barriers to high speed power sawing on a horizontal bandsaw machines – the required twist in the blade which at best can be 30°, and worst at 90°! In order to enable the blade to flex in up to 3 directions (bend round wheels, twist before and after guides, and beam deflection from feed force) without fatiguing the backing material and causing breakages, the blade is compromised by having a thin and narrow section. The narrower the blade width, the less beam strength it has which limits the pressure that can be applied by the saw and the more likely the blade is to deflect.

Amada HPSAW blade wheels and swarf brush unit
The Amada HPSAW310 removes the blade width limitations by having a zero degree blade twist, and enabling a optimal width blade to be used which provides the maximum beam strength and enables far higher feed forces to be used.

Amada HPSAW310 high pressure coolant

High pressure coolant delivery

Main features include:

  1.     0° blade twist facilitating higher blade speeds and increased blade life
  2.     67mm wide blade for maximum beam strength
  3.     High pressure coolant system
  4.     Heavy bow construction to remove vibration and increase stability
  5.     Double blade brush unit for effective blade cleaning
  6.     Non-contact blade deflection monitor for maximum reliability

For full specification please view the HPSAW310 here